Kessick Contemporary Wine Racking was developed to meet the demand for wine cellar storage and display in a contemporary format. We didn’t try to retrofit traditional wine racking into contemporary designs. Instead, Kessick has created a unique yet functional and attractive design on an entirely new format.

The basis of the racking design is the rectangular box. Not just any box. This contemporary wine storage box has 1 ¼” thick wall on all 4 sides with wood or metal face frame for a heavy, thick, square, modern appearance. This fully assembled wine storage system is constructed from hardwood core plywood (no engineered materials) and has mitered corners.

The wine racks cantilever off the wall for a free floating appearance or sit on a base platform for a floor mounted installation. The inside and outside of the box are lacquered in a satin, black finish. The face frame is a wood accent of Mahogany (other exotic woods available), black lacquer or brushed aluminum (stainless steel look). The interior of the box is pre-wired with dimming LED lights that create a visual experience like none other for wine storage and display.

Design configurations can be horizontal, vertical, integrated with stainless steel or brushed aluminum accoutrements, floor mounted, wall mounted; artistic stand alone pieces to entire walk in wine storage rooms.

Applications Include:

·Residential- from urban living to contemporary styled climate controlled wine cellars

·Hospitality- wine storage and displays in hotels, bars and restaurants

·Retail and more.

Design Options:

·Cubes for 750’s and Magnums
·Diamond Bins (30/60)
·Triangle Bins
·Rectangle Bins
·Large Format bottle Displays
·Vintage View Integration
·Stemware and Decanter Display and Storage
·Glass Doors
·Cigar Humidors
·Wood Case Storage
Contemporary Wine Racks
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