February 22, 2023
People have strong opinions about which red wine is the best. Some people stick to their favorite because they know what they like. No two people have the same experience or tastebuds. Is there really one that’s better than the other? Maybe you drink it for health benefits but . . .
decanting red wine
Wait for it . . . When you make a selection of wine, your first instinct is to pop the cork and pour a glass to drink right away. I have regrettably done this before and then, on the next glass, remarked that it tastes so much better. Slowing
a close up of two red wine glasses sitting on a table next to each other
Shiraz is how they say it in Australia. The grape varietal originated in France, where it is called Syrah. The flavors and characteristics depend on where it is grown. The higher tannin characteristics of this variety of wine, with its bold flavors, tend to be what it is known
a wood wine storage wall with wine bottles stored in single slots
Most people do not have enough storage. It seems to be a never-ending problem. With each new move, we tend to acquire new things, sometimes, of course, due to children or a change in lifestyle. For the avid wine drinker and collector, our wine collection will continue to grow,
front view of the Kessick Tower Series wine racks
Kessick has developed a new wine racking design series, making wine storage more accessible to those looking for a more economical, high-quality option. How did they do it? Kessick streamlined the choices with standard sizes and various wine display options to reflect both traditional and transitional styles. The high
red wine paired with bread, cheese, and grapes
Have you ever been to a wine and food pairing dinner? I feel like my experiences start with the food choices first and then the wine. You may have started out with a white wine with salad, a red wine with the main course, and a sweet wine with
four hands making a new year's toast with champagne glasses
The traditional idea of ringing in the new year with a celebratory glass goes back many years. The name given to this sparkling effervescence beauty is from its regional namesake. Though its history is tainted with the nickname “devil’s wine.” Those of us who have had a less-than-lovely history
a closeup of someone placing a wine bottle in a wine cooler
I just heard a story this week about a restaurant owner who went to open a vintage bottle of wine and had to give the disappointing news that it had gone bad. They realized that it had not been preserved properly in storage and had the sudden and unfortunate
young friends enjoying wine together wearing winter clothes
Wine sales are higher than ever in the US. Some age demographics are drinking more than others. Well, what happens to lead them to a lifestyle of wine drinking and even collecting? How do you store it in each stage? When did you experience your “wine awakening”? Where has
couple sitting on floor looking at wine cellar designs
Planning a space for your wine sounds intimidating, right? Unless there was a way to see what you want for your wine storage needs before you buy. You could spend all day on Pinterest and never really be sure how to put it all together into your personal style
friends drinking wine at a restaurant
Restaurant owners may want to add wine storage to their establishments for several reasons.  If your restaurant is more aesthetically pleasing, it will draw in more people for you to wine and dine. A prominently visible wine cellar assumes that an elevated wine choice is about to be made,