Are You An Oenophile?

Oenophilia sounds like a disease. It can be described as a deep devotion or obsession with wine either on the general pleasure side or the more rigid disciplined procedures surrounding its consumption. It’s not a word used to describe your average wine drinker. But, this “condition” is severe and requires a deeper look.

Are You An Oenophile?

You view wine with a fondness and affection that exceeds normal levels. It is not just a hobby.

You do not need to explain to others that you are a wine snob. You take it a step further. You collect wine and tend to focus on a region or varietal that you are currently enjoying. You want to talk about it when you meet people. You travel for wine. You collect all the toys that allow it to breathe its best flavor and aroma into life.

I have met a few Oenophiles. They do things like hide the decanter until it is ready, and only they know where it is. They will not let you get away with just casual conversation. They want to know all about what it smells like beforehand and tastes like during and after if this sounds like you may have contracted oenophilia.

How To Spot An Oenophile

They collect wine. They bring it everywhere they go. When someone else offers to bring wine to an event, they intercept with a “no thanks” as they have it covered.

Their partner must ask permission for what can be opened at the gathering, weighing heavily on who is attending and whether the wine will be properly appreciated. They feel literal fear when at someone else’s house, and they are poured a glass of “red” wine without any explanation. Their first question is, “What is this?”

Job Requirements

Oenophilia may be a job prerequisite for some. Professions like sommeliers, wine sales representatives, enologists, and many in the hospitality industry require this level of knowledge. There is always something new to learn. I am sure the homegrown oenophile is their worst nightmare when they come across one in the wild. Years of study combined with life experiences add to the expertise.

This condition is not curable once it has taken root, but honestly, why would you want it to be? Once you start, your collection will inevitably grow, and you will need a place to store it for safekeeping and aesthetic presentation. Without appropriate storage, you really cannot be adequately diagnosed. Contact us for all your wine storage needs to keep your obsession alive and well.