Celebrate Your Wine Collecting Journey

Midlife can be a huge change, but it doesn’t have to be a crisis. If you have been collecting and drinking wine for years, it may be time to gather your spoils in one place. Your wine cellar can be your trophy for all your hard-earned foraging.

If wine has been your “other” love all these years, it may be time to bring it into the light. Kessick can create a classic beauty with a modern twist or something between the two for a perfect display. Add LED lighting to emphasize the importance of special wine bottles. Create a unique look anywhere in your home. You may even want to carve out a space with a hidden treasure under the stairwell to showcase your wine. There are several great options to meet your needs.

A Traditional Look

That traditional look you have always wanted can be well represented with Kessick’s Estate series. The classic old-world style matches your seasoned collection. It took years of dedication to reach this level of acquisition. The warm white oak in the Estate series represents the highly regarded value wine has had on your life. Old-world wines, in their soft glow, may taste more special as they finally reveal their veiled flavor. Wine rooms can be curved or perfect squares. You can design around your refined style and desired shape that fits your collection now in any way your heart desires.

Wine As an Art Piece

Wine As Art can be a mixed bag of modern and traditional. It may be added to your classic twist to spice it up. Displaying your bottles so everyone can see your spoils can be a fun creative way to decorate. People are drawn to colorful and interesting looks, so the label-forward style may be just the thing to add some drama to your wine storage display. You can use Wine As Art alone or as a centerpiece of your wine room. Wine as art can be bought in individual pieces for a contemporary look.

A Modern Take on Wine Storage

Parallel is for the wine perfectionist in all of us. The order and uniformity of this series bodes well with your well-thought-out collection. You have spent time and effort scouring for your favorite wines. You may be methodical and organized in bringing your spoils together to display in perfect synchronicity with Parallel. Tame those wild labels with the structure they need for your perfect display unit for all to see.

The best part about midlife is sharing your “other” love with friends and family. Popping open those treasures to enjoy brings your hard work to fruition. Your love affair with wine never has an end date. Enjoy!

You don’t have to own a chateau in France or a cave in the ground to create the perfect space for your wine. Let Kessick’s team of professionals help create a start-to-finish wine space perfect for enjoying this stage of life. Contact us to learn more about how we will partner with you to design the perfect wine cellar for your home.