How Restaurants Can Sell More Wine

Restaurant owners may want to add wine storage to their establishments for several reasons.  If your restaurant is more aesthetically pleasing, it will draw in more people for you to wine and dine. A prominently visible wine cellar assumes that an elevated wine choice is about to be made, and you will stock it according to your customer base. Your food options will match the higher-quality wines you stock. One good decision leads to another, adding to overall sales. 

3 Reasons Restaurant Owners Should Up Their Wine Cellar Game

1. Love at first sight!

I did an earlier blog on wine rooms, creating more ambiance for the customer. When making a choice of where to dine, the look of a restaurant can lure people in. A plain-looking bar where the wine choices aren’t displayed doesn’t appeal to the wine drinker. Kessick has created many wine rooms and displays for restaurants across the country. Check out our gallery and see these wine rooms lit beautifully, showcasing amazing wine stocked full for customer viewing.

2. Food tastes better with wine.

Roughly 75% of American adults drink wine. I am going to go out on a limb and say they mostly do so socially at dinner with friends and family. That’s a really good reason to match your high-quality cuisine and wine with the right wine storage.

Customers tell their friends about the amazing food they have had at their favorite establishment. The high-end wine selection stocked in your wine room or cellar will add to that experience. Food and wine go together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Does your wine storage look as good as your food? 

3. Wine storage will add to your Sales.

You’ve opened a restaurant which means you’re a risk taker. Not everyone has the courage to do what you have done. Adding a wine cellar or wine wall is an investment in your business, and the payoff is additional revenue from wine sales. You are investing in creating an experience for others. Your customer satisfaction is everything and since most diners are wine drinkers, give them what they want. Provide your customer with an elevated dining experience and give them the look and taste they want for your best shot at long-term success. 

Keep Them Coming Back!

You need people to come back, and that is the hardest part. There are so many places to eat, but what sets your place apart makes all the difference. My husband and I keep going back to this little French restaurant that overlooks the park. The ambiance with white lights strung, the wine cellar, the roaring fire, and of course, the cuisine keeps pulling us back there for anniversaries and evenings out. When we do go somewhere new or different, I actually regret it. See what a wine cellar can do for your customer return rate.