How to Display Your Craft Spirits Uniquely

Believe it or not, everything in life is not about wine. Sometimes, the avid collector likes to go back to their American roots and pull out that Bourbon Special Reserve. That bottle that you casually mention at parties to spark interest. You may even want to brag a bit about your latest conquest as you explore and add more variety to your liquor collection.

Craft Spirit Racks

Kessick’s Estate Series comes with the racking design components just right for you to show off your latest finds or hidden discoveries. You can now feel confident displaying that Blanton’s Single Barrel you scored or secure your elusive Pappy Van Winkle behind a glass door where only you know where the key is hidden.

There are stackable shelves that can be customized according to your needs. The racking also comes with soft amber LED lighting that makes the bottles glow their subdued orange-brown or perfectly clear color. Kessick brings an aesthetically dynamic appeal right next to your wine collection, forging your two collective loves, wine and spirits, together beautifully.

A Full Assortment

Kessick can accommodate all shapes and sizes of bottles for your wine-racking display choices. Tall and skinny, short, or fat, each has a spot on your shelf as it is less restrictive than a wine racking unit. It can allow space for your Magnum bottles as well. You can display the whole family of spirits, including your first cousin from Tennessee or even your snobby uncle from Scotland. Either way, there is a place on your rack for the whole lot.

Kessick also has a cigar humi-drawers option with Boveda humidification systems made with gorgeous Spanish cedar interiors. You can create a convenient arrangement for all your pieces to be stored attractively in one place.

Bring your collection full circle with the respect it deserves. Kessick provides the design quality it is known for while you get to lavishly display your esteemed craft spirits collection like never before. Contact us to learn more about our highest-quality craft spirits displays.