Introducing the New Tower Series

Kessick has developed a new wine racking design series, making wine storage more accessible to those looking for a more economical, high-quality option. How did they do it? Kessick streamlined the choices with standard sizes and various wine display options to reflect both traditional and transitional styles. The high quality, modern style, and shortened wait time will inevitably lead to high customer satisfaction. The Kessick legacy remains rooted in quality while working towards more accessibility to a broader market.

Creative Designs to Satisfied Clients

I asked the creatives at Kessick about what motivated them to design wine towers. With many years of experience, the Kessick owner group observed a demand in the market for a new niche in wine storage. All department heads came together to develop the product and the process. The entirety of it had to be analyzed from design, engineering, production, and pricing, leading to the end game, customer satisfaction.

Streamline the Menu

When you eat at a fine dining restaurant, you typically don’t have many options. When something of high quality is created, there isn’t the need for many additional choices. This new series started with limiting options but utilizing the best materials and wine storage configuration choices. Focusing on the best quality products should make it easier for customers to make the best decision. The racking options come in two heights, three widths, and five tower configurations. Choose from Black Walnut, White Oak, or Sapele Mahogany and five different finish options to create “traditional” or “transitional” designs. Your wine storage can be built with a single tower or combined to create a wine wall or an entire wine room. Sometimes having less on the menu makes for a better experience for everyone.

Lower Cost Without Compromising on Quality

Having a wine storage unit as an option in a home or restaurant can be pricey. So I asked Kessick how they achieved lower costs while maintaining the same high-quality standards. The answer lies in working with standard sizing and pricing. This new product is essentially the Estate Series, but the sizes and configurations are fixed. The new approach cut costs by 25-30%. Kessick Tower Series is shipped in fully assembled components and is easy to install.

No Longer a Long Wait

With this new streamlined approach, the Tower Series can ship in 8-12 weeks. It should appeal to clients looking for a “kit” rack without compromising style or quality. A top complaint wine cellar customers express is that orders take too long to arrive. The Tower Series helps to alleviate the stress of potentially long lead times, which leads to higher customer satisfaction!

While faster and cheaper is not always better, Kessick has found a way to make a high-quality wine storage “kit” accessible to a wider range of budgets and needs. Kessick’s legacy is based on experience, manufacturing excellence, and commitment to customer satisfaction, and the Tower Series is no exception!