Where to Start When Planning a Space For Your Wine

Planning a space for your wine sounds intimidating, right? Unless there was a way to see what you want for your wine storage needs before you buy. You could spend all day on Pinterest and never really be sure how to put it all together into your personal style and space. Kessick makes wine cellars for anywhere you can imagine in your home or business. As you swirl that vino in your glass tonight, take a gander at the photo gallery on the Kessick website.

The first question to ask yourself is, where will it go in my home or business?

The artist or designer may see an empty nook or space under the stairwell as a great display center. However, some of us need more ideas and inspiration. Looking through the Kessick gallery, there are entire wine rooms enclosed with beautiful lighting and glass doors for viewing. Some rooms are created as an entertaining area for friends to join in. There are gallery photos to help you curate a space in ways you never imagined.

Old World – Take a Sip!

Looking at the old-world cellar style can be a glimpse into a time when wine was as important as water. The gallery shows classic examples of wine rooms where it appears as though you were transported back several hundred years ago. Maybe when you backpacked across Europe, you stumbled across a few of those vineyards. Kessick gallery cellars show real-life photos that bring the old world into modern life with stone and wood elements. I think some of them must come with their own sommelier!

Modern Swirl!

Maybe your house isn’t as old as your wine collection. You may prefer the modern style in the online gallery at Kessick Wine Cellars. The more contemporary wine storage photos definitely show a minimalist and streamlined appearance. Some pictures show walls of wine that resemble an aquarium with ocean-like movement created with LED lighting. The stylish chairs make a great viewing area as well as an enjoyable spot to open a bottle from your collection.


If space is limited in your house, imagine kitchen tables or dining areas graced with the gorgeous purple glow of your wine illuminated on a wine wall or panel. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be elegant here at the Kessick gallery.

I think the collector or the casual partaker can get some amazing ideas from Kessick’s gallery section.

Some people want an entire room dedicated to their collection. Others want to make a style statement throughout the rooms in their house. Stairwells, kitchens, dining rooms, and entire rooms with beautiful shelves, racks, panels, and ornate lighting are not out of the realm of possibility.

The gallery at Kessick can help you along your path to envision your own personal wine cellar space. Your glass may be drained, but the inspiration for your new space has just begun.

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