Shiraz or Shyrah?

Shiraz is how they say it in Australia. The grape varietal originated in France, where it is called Syrah. The flavors and characteristics depend on where it is grown. The higher tannin characteristics of this variety of wine, with its bold flavors, tend to be what it is known for, but it really depends on where it is from.

Common Ground

The most consistent flavor profiles include blackberry, ground pepper notes, and dark chocolate. Warm climates tend to create higher sugar accumulations. It is a good and bold flavor with spice and pepper.

Australian Shiraz

The Australian version tends to fall into the dry category but can have fruit flavors, fewer tannins, and smoke but still exhibit pepper profiles. Black currant and dark cherries with mint, licorice, and spice are often still present. In cooler climates, it maintains a full-bodied flavor with medium spicy notes.

Australian wines have become the 4th highest exported wine. This grape is the 7th most grown overall and the most grown in Australia. You may have noticed Australia is large. Its western coast has a cooler climate, like French-style Syrah. It is the second largest Shiraz grower behind France.

Rhone Valley Syrah

This French-born grape grown in the Rhone River Valley is known for its big, bold flavors. It still is ahead of Australia in exporting Syrah. The peppery taste tends to be its signature flavor. It can be smokey and filled with dark fruit. Due to the high tannin levels, it pairs well with steak, beef, or sausage. It can take on a heavy meal. Due to its dry properties, it may even be better for those watching sugar intake as it has a .06 sugar content. In cooler climates, the alcohol levels can be 13%-14%, and in warmer climates, the range can be higher at 14%-15%. The calorie content is around 175 a glass. There is a sweet temperature spot recommended around 60 degrees. You do not want red wine to be too hot or too cold.

Who Would Love a Shiraz?

A Shiraz is great for the new wine drinker because of its full-bodied and rich, juicy flavors. It is never bland and works well with heavy dinners. There can be some regional variations. It is worth exploring Syrah/Shiraz, as there is so much to learn.

Better With Age!

Syrah can last up to 15 years and may need to age to bring out that optimum taste. If you are taking the Syrah route, store it with beauty and ease of mind with Kessick, the experts in Wine Storage with nearly 20 years of experience.