Three Popular Red Wines

People have strong opinions about which red wine is the best. Some people stick to their favorite because they know what they like. No two people have the same experience or tastebuds. Is there really one that’s better than the other? Maybe you drink it for health benefits but don’t know which one to choose. Is one healthier for you? Each wine varietal has its unique characteristics. Let’s explore the more popular red wine options.

Cabernet Sauvignon – The King of Reds

This bold contender for top scores rates high on wine lovers’ lists. It has some consistency in flavor overall, but the region will always cause some taste differences. The American version from California and Washington state can be bolder due to the new barrels the grapes are aged in. Its grapes can characteristically be grown anywhere that makes wine. It ages well with proper storage. It is actually blended with other wines in some capacity. It looks deep and rich in appearance. It can have tastes of bell pepper, black pepper, wood, vanilla oak, tobacco, spice, and dark fruit, and the calorie content is 191, which is higher than pinot noir.

Pinot Noir – Heart Friendly

This variety has Burgundy roots. It is lighter in color and lower in tannins. It has a medium-bodied flavor. It is made with thin-skinned grapes that have a more transparent appearance in contrast to a cab. It is reported to have great health benefits with it its high levels of heart-healthy resveratrol. It has lower sugar content, fewer calories, and also a lower alcohol content. Its tastes range from earthy, mushroom, piney, forest floor to sweeter vanilla, raspberry, cherry, and baking spice. It has fewer tannins, which can also help with heartburn, and is considered lighter in calories averaging about 120 per glass.

Merlot – Friendly and Fruity

This red varietal is also extremely popular. The tastes of a Merlot vary depending on where it is grown. The cooler climates have strawberry, plum, and tobacco notes. The moderate climates have plum tastes and add blackberry and cherry. The warmer climates create Merlot which takes more chocolate and cake notes. The color seems to vary. The Washington State Merlot is much darker and inky than the California. Its origins are French, of course, with different flavor characteristics. The tannins are considered medium levels. It has become a very drinkable wine with its fruity tones. This makes it feel more “approachable” to try. It also has the claim of the heart-healthy benefits of resveratrol.

These are just a few popular options to choose from. There are many more to explore. Wine collecting and drinking is such an open-ended experience. There is always something new to discover. Check out and to keep your wine in perfect condition until your next tasting experience.