Traditional, Transitional, or Modern?

People picture a wine storage area in their home as a one type fits all. Most imagine a basement full of wine. That is not necessarily Kessick’s approach to wine storage. There are several styles and series that can be mixed up to create the perfect match for your storage and style needs.

What’s Your Vibe?

It’s not always easy to know what your style needs are when creating a wine storage room or space. The first thing to consider is what kind of feel you want to create. Are you looking for a modern vibe in a contemporary home to align it with your lifestyle? Do you adore your traditional classic home and want to feel like your wine room is straight from an old-world European wine cellar? Or are you somewhere in between the two? Your wine cellar at Kessick can be any of the above.

Modern Style

A contemporary wine racking unit can be a minimalistic way to display and store your wine collection. Wine gets to be the main event. It’s more of a less frills look, but never boring. The clean lines and cooler tones keep the spotlight on what you really want to sparkle – your wine. The lighting for a modern wine room also affects the feel.

Kessick’s Wine As Art is a great option for a contemporary look. If you are looking for a single wall to display your wine or an entire room, this option is the easiest one to create a modern feel. The panels come in leather, wood, textured, or high gloss. Maybe you want to create a funky look that is unique to your space. You can use your bottles to create color and glow.

Traditional Classic

When you think of traditional wine storage style, imagine a classic wood-paneled library without the books. Wine lovers are pretty easy to read. Kessick likes to imagine a traditional wine room as if it’s your own wine library. Think of warm wood tones and deep, soft lighting. Iron and stone can bring in that look that implies classic elegance. Every library should have wood-paneled walls and ceilings, ladders, and pilasters. Why shouldn’t your wine collection have that as well?

You don’t have to go back in time, but maybe you want to recreate the feel of an old-world look from wine travels. The Estate series is Kessick’s more traditional design series. The all-wood shelving racks come with high-quality choices in mahogany, white oak, walnut, or varieties of stains. You will want to don your smoking jacket as you mull over the possibilities.

Transitional Mix-It-Up

Maybe you just like wine. You don’t have to decide if the old world is better or if modern rocks your world. You are a mixed bag. You roll with the times. You won’t fit in either box. Funky and classic wood or metal all can be incorporated.

Wine As Art can be used for a transitional look. It can be combined with other styles and does not have to be exclusive to the room.

The Parallel series also has a transitional style. Its main theme includes having metal bars for maximum bottle view. It is more neutral, tonal, and texturally monochromatic. Parallel lives up to its name. It may be great for the neat and tidy crowd that craves a uniform look.

Kessick has a look for each style that would work great with your wine. They are the national experts in wine displays. We would love to help you create the right space for your home, no matter your aesthetic inclination. Contact us today to learn more about our wine storage designs and products.