Wine Rescue

The Dilemmas

1. The Bad Rot

I just heard a story this week about a restaurant owner who went to open a vintage bottle of wine and had to give the disappointing news that it had gone bad. They realized that it had not been preserved properly in storage and had the sudden and unfortunate realization that they were going to disappoint their customers and waste money.

2. Champagne Problems

Another restaurant that I frequently visit is going to install additional wine storage because they just cannot keep the white wines and champagne cold enough. It will also be an aesthetic upgrade since it will be very visible to the public. They have wine storage in their basement, but it is difficult for servers who are running up and down to keep up with their customers’ needs. A temperature-controlled wine storage unit inside the restaurant will make it more accessible for patrons and easier for the wait staff. Keeping servers happy in their work environment is a good idea as well, given that many have left the industry.

What Can Remedy These Problems?

1. Temperature-Controlled Storage

Keeping wines at the right temperature for the type of wine is important. Champagne needs to be stored between 40 to 45 degrees. The optimum storage temperature for white wines is 55-59 degrees. Red wines should be stored at 55 degrees for long-term storage but can be served at 60 to 68 degrees. Red wine should also be decanted and served at that sweet spot temperature range.

2. Quality Products

It is easy to spot Kessick quality wine storage when you have seen some of the alternatives. Having a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing wine storage unit in an obvious place will certainly cause patrons to take notice. When the establishment takes that extra step to have quality displays, you can assume the wine is being well taken care of. The customer can feel the assurance that the dining experience is worth spending their time and money on. After all, we can make good food and enjoy wine in our homes. That just right glass of wine you don’t have at home makes it worth leaving for a night out.

Take A Second Look

Having wine storage that looks great is important as well. If customers can see what you have to offer, they may be more likely to choose it. Make it visible and store it well with Kessick. See more at