Wine Storage

Most people do not have enough storage. It seems to be a never-ending problem. With each new move, we tend to acquire new things, sometimes, of course, due to children or a change in lifestyle. For the avid wine drinker and collector, our wine collection will continue to grow, and therefore more storage will be needed.

Wine Display Units

Kessick has a variety of options for wine displays. If you want your collection to be seen and really stand out, you can always invest in a wine wall display. It is a fun way to display wine without needing to add any extra rooms to your house. Installing a wine display wall is a beautiful way to enjoy the view of your colorful favorites with a label-forward style. There are some excellent wall design storage options that will fit your space.

Wine Rooms

For the avid collector, a wine room may be more along the lines of what you are looking for. Your love for the wine experience did not end when you left Napa. You would like to continue enjoying your wine collection on perhaps a daily basis by dedicating an entire room to your ever-evolving tastes. Choose a favorite style for your room.

Odd Spaces and Places

If you do not necessarily want the traditional style wine room but more of a combination of things, you can choose a wall display unit and a wine room that is custom designed to meet your needs. There are ideas for homes and restaurants galore on our gallery page. Perhaps you have a nook under the stairs that could use a little something as far as decoration. A wine display unit would be perfect in that unusual space. Maybe you want your dining room wall to pop as you are entertaining your guests with your amazing dinner parties. Check out Kessick’s ideas for your personal needs and design the wine space of your dreams.

Get Your Wine Out of Those Boxes!

Let the Kessick design team lead you into your next wine phase. Add a room or a display wall. Really let your creativity run wild with new ideas, or stick to the classic looks that you may prefer. We are here to help with all of your storage and display needs.